About my experience


Work History

July 2010 -
Managing Director, George Browne Aerotec Limited
  Freelance Instructional Design Consultant

- I started my own business in July 2010 and was recently contracted to Ascent Flight Training to supply DSAT compliant courseware for the UK Armed Forces. During this period I designed a significant number of lessons which included subjects as diverse as; the UK Low Flying System, Flight plans, Aircraft documentation, Aircraft fuel systems, Engine systems, Cockpit Resource Management, Captaincy and Gyroscopic principles. I have also studied and am now proficient in the use of Outstart Evolution LCMS and NxTrain LMS software.
- A significant amount of travel was required to MOD establishments within the UK which required the renewal of my Security Clearance (SC).
- I am now a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and am currently applying for registration with the Engineering Council as an Incorporated Engineer – IEng.
Oct 2009 – July 2010 Computer Based Training (CBT) Course Designer / Technical Author
  - Whilst contracted through Pennant PLC to Ascent, I was tasked to carry out Instructional course design on a multi-million pound contract with the Ministry Of Defence. This included training for the aircrew of all three of the UK Armed Services.
- This entailed comprehensive use of Microsoft’s office suite and Lockheed Martin bespoke software, to complete lesson design documentation, prior to designing individual fixed and rotary wing lessons. From this process I then designed numerous Computer Based Training (CBT) and Computer Aided Instruction (CAI), DSAT compliant lessons as required.
Dec 2006 – Oct 2009 Technical Author / Computer Based Training (CBT) Course Designer
  - Contracted to Pennant PLC to be responsible for high level design documentation and course design. This required the assessment and updating of instructional courses for Gas Turbine Engine installation and removal, fuel system servicing and maintenance, fault diagnosis, engine ground running operations, fire detection systems, and aircraft hydraulic systems lessons. These lessons were for all marks of the RAF Chinook, the South African Hawk Mk120 and Indian Hawk Mk132. Designed using Mosaic, Toolbook, P.P.S.E. and Designer’s Edge software.
- Subsequently, I secured multiple contracts for Pennant PLC with the Ministry of Defence by designing and producing Chinook helicopter multimedia training programmes for propulsion system engineers.
2003 -
Chief Lane Technician
  - Responsible to the owner for all aspects of the management and maintenance of an eight lane bowling alley. During this period revenue generated from the bowling alley rose significantly.
2000 -
Aircraft Systems / Propulsion Systems Manager
  - Engineering Manager of a workforce of over sixty skilled personnel. This involved; in addition to the duties listed below, the day-to-day management of a large fleet of passenger airliners and refuelling tankers to tight deadlines, in an extremely busy and hectic environment.
- Duties included all aspects of VC10 aircraft propulsion and associated systems fault diagnosis and rectification.
- Documentation Controller responsible for a period of three years, for the management of all aspects of aircraft maintenance documentation and Technical Manuals, including all technical amendments, using several computer systems and software packages.
- Responsible for managing the career development of those engineers under my control, including the structure of training and workforce development, personal administration, strict adherence of Health and Safety regulations as well as Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH).
- Also responsible to the management for the career assessment, potential and recommendation of future junior managers and supervisors as well as personal education advice for junior team members.
1998 -
Ground Replay Analysis Facility (GRAF) Computer Systems Manager
  - Responsible for the Flight Data Analysis systems of the Royal Air Force Tristar fleet. This entailed the use of VAX/VMS programming to carry out the detailed analysis of up to three hundred parameters on take-off, during flight and on landing.
- Instrumental in implementing improvements in the use of Tristar flight data analysis systems. Ensured the smooth running of the Tristar fleet through greater use of flight data analysis.
1980 -
Propulsion Systems Engineer/Supervisor
  - Gas Turbine Engine/Fuel systems trade supervisor responsible to the propulsion manager for six engineers. Duties include; diagnostics, propulsion system component replacement and certain aspects of career development and education of subordinate personnel.
- Supervised propulsion teams during overseas operations including Germany, Italy, the United States and the Falklands. Supervised the fault diagnosis and rectification of all Tristar propulsion, fuel and associated systems. Responsible to the Documentation Controller for the implementation of Tristar Technical Manual amendments.
- Gas Turbine systems engineer on various aircraft propulsion, fuel, oil and hydraulic systems. Utilising relevant Technical Manuals for the removal, fault diagnosis and replacement of various components on numerous aircraft, including jet fighters, helicopters, transport aircraft and wide-bodied airliners.